Founded in 2018, Orion Capital Solutions is a professional collection agency that provides recovery services for creditors. Our services provide our creditor clients with maximum recovery while maintaining positive and professional relationships with consumers.

Who Are We?

As a third-party collection agency, Orion Capital Solutions helps consumers amicably resolve overdue accounts. Our experienced team contacts consumers to help them understand their accounts and move forward with resolving outstanding balances. Through transparent and honest communication, we work together to establish realistic solutions that are within each consumer’s budget and considerate of unique situations. Utilizing our advanced technology, our experienced team of account specialists bridge the gap between the creditor and account holders.

What is our focus?

Our team of talented people is dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients and their consumers. We invest in the personal and professional development of our team members to create a culture that is goal-focused, respectful, and compliance-oriented. As part of our commitment to helping address common root issues surrounding past-due debt, we are active volunteers and philanthropists within our community. The Orion team is passionate about our work. We continuously improve the consumer experience and the bottom-line financial results we achieve for our clients through technology-driven innovations.

Orion capital solutions serves many different kinds of consumers
Orion capital solutions takes a global approach to provide solutions

Our Approach

We have smart, integrated technology that offers consumers multiple payment gateways. We employ a courteous and compassionate approach with consumers. Our step-by-step guidance helps them to understand the varied available options for account resolution. We strive to help consumers remove or overcome obstacles through flexibility and creative problem-solving, so debts can be resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide trusted debt collection services to creditors while offering consumers with accessible and achievable payment options, leading toward greater financial freedom.

Supporting Our Community

We are proud to support our local community in many different ways. A few of the organizations we support include:

orion capital solutions works together with the community