Orion Capital Solutions provides professional debt collection solutions for business clients. Our experienced team creates a perfect balance of performance, process, compliance, and strategy to drive results. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs to develop recovery solutions that work toward account resolution.

Account Recovery Solutions

Orion Capital is a professional debt collection agency focused on providing our creditor clients with best-in-class account recovery solutions. Our experienced team works with consumers to resolve outstanding accounts while providing the best possible experience for consumers.

Non-Performing Account Management

We assist creditors with managing delinquent and non-performing accounts. By working with a professional collection agency like Orion, creditors can focus their efforts on performing client relationships while we recover past due funds.


Installment Loans

Credit Card


Compliance Focused

Serving financial institutions is our forte. Keeping in my mind the complex debt collection business, we help our clients to overcome the challenges that accompany the payment collection process. We implement compliance-focused processes that increase recovery rates. Our well-trained team of representatives, along with our executives, work together with consumers to help them resolve account balances. Orion Capital Solutions executives are actively involved in our daily activities. They are updated about the legal modifications, client requirements, and daily changes that take place in the debt collection industry and ensure that these changes are implemented with fidelity across every consumer account.

  • Change in policies and operations.
  • Commitment to service responsibilities.
  • Complaint with processes aligned as per client.
  • Advance technical system for compliance management