Want to know how to easily find Orion Capital Solutions online and connect with our exceptional team, learn more about our company in the marketplace, and interact with our network of valued clients and industry partners? We have compiled a list of online directories and digital platforms to discover information about our company, our culture, and our offices in New York and Florida. Included below are sites where customers and employees share their experiences, our partners and colleagues engage in thought leadership discussions within the financial and collections industry, and we share information about our affiliations and accreditation within the business community.

“We have seen our customers’ adoption of digital channels through an increase of payments via self-service options, interactions with our professional collection agents via email, and our growing list of connections on social media platforms. Expanding our digital presence is an integral part of adapting to the changing needs of our consumers. Now you can easily find us on multiple platforms and credible sites that provide an opportunity to learn about our company, engage with our team, and link to receivables industry organizations and partners. We welcome the ability to connect with people in new ways and we continue to innovate every day,” says Kristin LoVallo, Director of HR/Compliance.

Our Website

Orion Capital Solutions’ dedicated website is the best source for an accurate, comprehensive overview of the debt recovery solutions we offer to creditors and the easy-to-use account management and payment tools we offer to consumers. Our Blog page communicates regulatory changes, new technology, industry trends, and compliance updates. We showcase our participation in industry events, conferences, and financial education.

Our team enlisted the assistance and expertise of marketing firm, Branding Arc, to help reach our clients and customers through innovative website development, creative content strategy, and online reputation management. We also share the value of our partnership and our work with Branding Arc through the case study published on their website.

Memberships and Accreditation

We are proud to be listed among our peers in the Accounts Receivable Management Industry on our partner and association websites like Receivables Management Association International (RMAI). find us through our affiliations and industry partnerships. Orion Capital Solutions was also featured recently in RMAI’s publication, Receivables Info and has a Certified Receivables Business designation with RMAI.

Credentials like our Certified Debt Trader Network Membership and our Better Business Bureau standing as a BBB Accredited Business help establish us against a benchmark of other businesses and agencies as a company in good standing that treats consumers with integrity and respect. These accreditations are a mark of trustworthiness across all industries and are an indicator of exceptional quality.

Social Networking

We strive to have positive interactions with everyone we encounter and we have always built our relationships on trust and communication. Orion connects with our professional network on LinkedIn and shares company news and industry highlights. We post employee engagement and activities on Facebook to engage with our customers on a more personal level. In addition to these platforms, we offer helpful videos through YouTube. Our consumer video series furthers our mission of delivering superior customer service in a consumer-friendly format.

Directories and Databases

Crunchbase has more than 50,000 active contributors and is a top search engine for company information. Additional directory-style websites, such as Zoominfo, and Cortera enable search features for global companies, connections with the people behind them, and the ability to uncover new opportunities. New Hampshire Company Registry lists company profiles with great insight and Manta provides a network of small businesses throughout the U.S.

Careers with Orion Capital Solutions

We welcome you to consider an opportunity with our team. Orion Capital Solutions and our online presence on these popular talent acquisition platforms will give potential employees additional insight from job posting details on Indeed to anonymous feedback from current and former employees on Glassdoor. We access talent and find candidates for our collections team through both sites and currently accept applications through our company email [email protected].

We encourage consumers, industry partners, and potential team members to connect with us through any of the variety of platforms and channels we offer. We look forward to the exchange of ideas, best practices, and networking by connecting online.

About Orion Capital Solutions

Founded in 2018, Orion Capital Solutions is a nationally licensed collection agency with over 30 years’ experience in delivering exceptional results for creditors and realistic solutions for consumers. Headquartered in Orchard Park, New York, the Company provides outstanding service to its clients and consumers through the integration of technology and an experienced and compassionate team.