May 2020 – At Orion Capital Solutions, we believe in doing business the right way. We work with consumers to help them understand their outstanding balances and establish realistic solutions. Our team treats consumers with respect and approaches consumers politely while guiding them step-by-step through their options for resolving their accounts. Our membership in Receivables Management Association International demonstrates our commitments to consumers, compliance, and best business practices. We’re sharing reasons why membership in RMAI can be a valuable resource and an important part of your business strategy.


RMAI is a nonprofit trade association that represents businesses and individuals who work in a variety of financial services fields within the receivables industry. The Association has established the global standard for best practice focused on the protection of the consumer, a focus and priority that Orion Capital Solutions shares.

Educational Opportunities

Membership provides access to exclusive educational opportunities on current and emerging topics of importance. Helpful resources such as webinars allow us to stay at the forefront of changes and trends in the receivables industry. Access to live and recorded programming keeps Orion leadership abreast of changes in regulations and policies, emerging trends, technology innovations, and more.

Globally Recognized Certifications

Referenced by our clients and regulators, RMAI has set the global standard with its Code of Ethics and Certification Programs. With the most widely recognized certification programs in the industry, these programs increase a business’ visibility within the larger network of like-minded and compliance-oriented businesses and individuals. Certification indicates compliance with rigorous industry standards of best practices and clearance through an RMAI conducted background check, helping to build more consistent standards and compliant transactions across the receivables industry.

Industry Advocacy

RMAI advocates on behalf of members with state and federal regulators and legislators. As a prominent voice within the debt buying industry, the RMAI State and Federal Legislative Committees represent members before state and federal agencies and in the courts. They meet face-to-face with elected officials and their staff as well as pertinent government agencies to influence public policies that promote responsible consumer protection and strong business practices.  

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Update: January 2022 – After a mixed virtual and in-person 2021 conference, the RMAI 2022 Annual Conference returns to Las Vegas, NV on Feb. 7-10, 2022. During RMAI’s 25th Annual Conference, dozens of networking and educational sessions will be held to connect with our industry affiliates, colleagues, and potential clients. As major regulation changes were implemented at the end of 2021, the 2022 annual conference’s focus on educational sessions and roundtables can help all of us in the industry remain in-the-know and compliant.

“Most importantly, the Association feels like it is run by and represents business owners in the receivables space,” says Kristin LoVallo, Director of HR/Compliance “The RMAI leadership volunteers an incredible amount of time and effort to continue moving the association in a positive direction, always acting with transparency and fairness. The communication and education that Orion management receives play an essential role in our business development strategies as well as the development and improvement of processes that help our consumers. We appreciate their tireless representation of us, the members, within the receivables sector and the advancement of our shared goals.”

About Receivables Management Association International

The Receivables Management Association International, formerly known as DBA International, is a nonprofit trade association that represents over 550 member companies and supports the purchase, sale, and collection of receivables in the secondary market. RMAI constantly works to provide members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities. RMAI was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

About Orion Capital Solutions

Founded in 2018, Orion Capital Solutions is a nationally licensed collection agency with over 30 years’ experience in delivering exceptional results for creditors and realistic solutions for consumers. Headquartered in Orchard Park, New York, the Company provides outstanding service to its clients and consumers through the integration of technology and an experienced and compassionate team.